Duval Ranch


The 125,000 acre Duval County Ranch, is located west of Freer, Texas, in the heart of prime South Texas brush country; the realestate is a working cattle and hunting ranch. Through vision and hard work, David Killam and operator David Kitner have transformed the landscape from an abused rangeland to a healthy ecosystem with flourishing wildlife populations, while maintaining profitability. Grazing management, aeration, and prescribed burning are used to restore and enhance habitat. Supplemental water has been provided throughout the ranch, using polypipe, tanks, and guzzlers.Through the ongoing management program, the ranch is able to maintain a correct buck to doe ratios, age structure, and densities of whitetail deer. This management program is designed to produce mature outstanding whitetail trophies. Though white tail deer are the main attraction at the DCR, their abundance of wild life also offers game of quail, hog, dove, and juvalina.

 The Duval County Ranch, through the generosity of the Killam family, has hosted several workshops on habitat and water improvements, cooperated in research, and hosted field days for college students. The ranch has provided hunting opportunities for youth through the TWA and also hosted hunts for the Wounded Warriors program. For the past five years, the ranch has also hosted the German Shorthair Pointer Club Region 7 championships as well as the San Antonio GSPC and the Houston or Gulf Coast GSPC field trials. In 2012, the ranch received the Lone Star Land Steward award for the South Texas Eco-region, given out by Texas Parks and Wildlife. The ranch, through the cooperation of County Commissioner Gilbert Uribe, has also been able to donate thousands of pounds of deer meat to the needy and elderly of Duval County each year.

With the variety of wildlife, prime white tale deer, and onsite lodging, Duval County Ranch is sure to deliver a memorable hunting experience.


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