The 45,000 acre Killam Laredo Ranch is conveniently located just outside the city limits of Laredo, Texas (in western Webb County). We have one of the oldest and most consistent private Wildlife Management programs in all of South Texas. Our Wildlife Biologist (Frank Matthews) started our deer management program in 1977 and he has been managing and improving the quality of our White-tailed Deer for more than 30 years. We have consistently produced Trophy Class Bucks and we have First Place Winners in the Cola Blanca Deer Contest every year.

        Most of the Killam Laredo Ranch is leased to friends and close associates of the Killam family, and many of them have been hunting on the same leases for decades. The remaining portion of the ranch, almost 15,000 acres, is reserved for the Killam family. Our buck harvest on the family pastures focuses on removing as many of the lower-end mature bucks as possible and only harvesting a few of the exceptional Trophy Bucks each year.

        However, since we started our protein feeding program in 2005, our quality and quantity has improved so much that we need to harvest more bucks, especially upper end management bucks. Therefore, on our family pastures we are offering a limited number of management buck hunts and a few trophy buck hunts to outside guest. Not only will you be able to contract a guaranteed* hunt for a heavy horned mature buck up to 170 B&C, you will also get to experience the type of hunting that the large ranch owners in South Texas reserve only for themselves. It is very likely that you may see, and be able to photograph (for personal use only), true free ranging trophy class bucks on a low fence ranch.

        In addition, you can also add a Trophy Wild Turkey hunt to your buck hunt for an additional fee. We have a turkey population that has never been hunted since they were introduced in the 1980s and we are now overpopulated with long bearded turkeys that often come very close to some of our hunting blinds.

        We welcome young hunters to this unparalleled experience which is provided in a location that gives you the convenience of staying in the unique city of Laredo, yet only being minutes away from your blind. You can stay in Laredo’s finest hotels, eat at great restaurants, and enjoy Laredo’s shopping and night life. And to top it off you will have a guaranteed* hunt.

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